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Jody & Kathy Victor are leaders of a large North American and international group of Independent Business Owners affiliated with MarkerMan Productions®. They have both the freedom and financial resources to live life as they choose. Jody & Kathy Victor truly are living the American Dream. Much of what they choose to do revolves around family. The Victors' three children are all involved in business with them.

Jody Victor® is the son of Joe Victor, a pioneer in network marketing, and started his own business in 1970. Jody was also busy building a special life for his three children: Family has always been Jody's main motivation in building a business and in life.

When Jody & Kathy Victor married they postponed their honeymoon because of commitments they had made to individuals in their IBO organization. "We certainly have no regrets about postponing our honeymoon," Jody adds, "We've gone on countless honeymoons around the world since. Few things in life compare to seeing the world with the woman you love. It's a great feeling to know that when you achieve the kind of financial freedom this business offers, those honeymoons never have to stop."

Relentless in their pursuit of success, the Victors remain recognized leaders in the business. Jody, as president of MarkerNET, Inc. and as a Board Member and Officer of the Independent Business Owners Association, is playing an instrumental role in guiding the industry into the next century. Kathy, too, maintains a voice in corporate policy through her seat on the Marketing Advisory Committee and serving on the board. "Change is inevitable, but growth is optional," Jody Victor® states philosophically, "When we begin to think outside the box, we see the vast potential of our business. This is where the next generation of successful business people will be coming from. I have always encouraged people to think global and to think generational."

Today the Victors enjoy an incredible lifestyle with their entire family working together and playing together. Whether they are together at their home on Sandusky Bay or traveling and enjoying life, being together as family is top priority for all of the Victors. One of Jody's & Kathy's main goals is to help many others in their organization to achieve this same freedom, to be able to live life to the fullest in the manner that they desire.

"Be careful of what you dream...for you may surely have it!" ~ Jody Victor®


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Garry Coles, An Independent Business Owner Affiliated with MarkerMan Productions®, Powered by Amway Global:

"Jody and Kathy Victor have dedicated their lives to people helping people. Their vision is clear. The unending hours of service as a board member are greatly appreciated and the experience on Jody's committee work is invaluable. Jody and Kathy Victor along with MakerMan Productions have not only provided opportunity for great numbers of people, but they provide mentorship to develop more great leaders, their work is constantly multiplying. Jody and Kathy Victor enjoy serving, what a wonderful example they are. Thank you and keep up the great work."


Thoughts from Greg Howard, An Independent Business Owner Affiliated with MarkerMan Productions®, Powered by Amway Global:

"Jody Victor® represents the best-of-the-best in this business. All IBOs owe him a debt of gratitude for his contributions and leadership on the IBOAI Board. I am blessed to count him as a close personal friend."


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